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"On a studio backlot there is a person whom hustles for signatures. This person often goes from soundstage to soundstage sourcing the most sought after names of the day. The timing is never convienent and the interaction is not always pleasant. But alas, the hound persists. What signature will be next?"

Get ready for the most family friendly prediction you will add to your act.
This is a theme park autograph book filled with random signatures, all sourced and hand signed with the offical character signatures. 

A spectator can randomly say stop at any page, selecting a 'random' character. Then the magician reveals a certificate showing the exact character that was chosen.

Includes two different character force possibilities. (Olaf & Belle)

Hand made from an actual peice of merchandise. Recognizable, relateable, and nostalgic. 

Autograph Hound

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