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"A majestic animal. Buffalo were once a mainland America staple. This heard animal is something to behold. Roaming across the great plains, helping to enrich the soil with every step taken. Hold the majesty in everyday life."

This is a 2 inch Jumbo Coin Set featuring 2 coins, copper and silver.

This peice of art is a great training tool to make dollar sized coins (1.5 inch) feel smaller. These 2 inch jumbo coins have a great weight and are sure to help you build your skills to take your magic to the next level. The special design allows for you to also spin the coin on numerous surfaces, including a deck of cards or other coins. These are great for coin collectors too!

Comes with:
~ TWO coins - 2 inch Copper & Silver
~ Felt Coin purse that holds both coins
~ Tin case for protecting coins
~ Download (4 Changes, 3 Vanishes & More)

The download features 4 modular color change sequences and 3 different retention vanishes.

How to spin the coin and a talk about the design process.

Buffalo Coins - Copper/Silver

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