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"At a market in a quiant mountain village,I noticed a number of locals with coins hanging around their necks. The coins had a hole through the center and they dangled from a simple peice of string. My interest peaked and I inquired as to its function. To my surprise, it was humble brilliance. The movement of the coins on the string was like a hypnotic abacus."

Based on the original Charming Chinese Challenge by Troy Hooser. This is the Jumbo Charming Challenge by Rian Lehman. Further inspiration from Joshua Jay. THREE Coins are placed on a silk scarf. One at a time they are pulled through the fibers of the fabric. No gimmicks or extra coins. Great for stage or street. 

Includes: 3 Jumbo Coins, Silk Scarf, Coin Pull, and draw string carry pouch.

Video tutorial approximately 27 minutes

Jumbo Charming Challenge

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