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"In my more adventurous youth, an associate invited me on expedition. He had discovered a map leading to an uncharted island, lost to time. We foolishly explored the mysterious land to find remains of a forgotten civilization. Then we heard it, a roar that shook the earth and made every hair across our neck raise. The beast was awake, blazing a trail through the jungle and towering above us."


Kong Coin- Jumbo Coin Set - Featuring 9 Routines.
Inside you will receive 4 jumbo chinese coins. The video tutorial is a study of traditional coin routines, enhanced with jumbo coins. These are 2.5 inch coins to allow for better sleight of hand than your standard 3 inch jumbo coin. It includes 9 routines and over a dozen sleights.

Bonus: This also includes a coin pull specifically designed for silent and hassle free coin pulls.

9 Routines You Will Learn:
Kong 3 Fly

Tenkai Pennies
Coins Across

Hanging Coins to purse


3 Appear Then Vanish
Coins from Water
One Coin Routine

Sleights & Techniques You Will Learn:
Snap Vanish
False Count

Vapr Retention Vanish
No Where Palm

Ten-Pop Pass

Drop Out Appearance
Coin Cascade
Kong Change (one handed grow)
SNS Change
Sylvester Pitch

French Drop Change

Sequence Appearance
Hand Wash
Downs Palm
Arming & Sleeving

Tutorial Runtime:  2 hr 44 m


Kong Coins - Jumbo Coin Set

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